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A defibulator for the community was identified as one of our early objectives and a group of volunteers put themselves forward to be trained.

The trained personnel are Bobby Brennan, Philomena Croghan, Mike Durkan, Vic Hamshaw, Margaret Julian, Noreen Kelly, Michael Regan, Monica Smith and Gail Smith.

On the evening of Sunday March 1st 2009, the personnel who attended the Public Access Defibrillation Course were presented with their Certificates by Mr Pat Merrick, Western Regional Director of Units. (Irish Red Cross Society).

A refresher training session with Siobhan O'Hagen under the Close To The Heart project takes place every year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Chris McHale Roe (CMR Fire and Security) for the donation and installation of the security system surveying the area of the defibulator.

The Midfield Community Defibulator is situated at Midfield crossroad on the front of the forge, across from Julian’s pub. Click here for map.

The following are the trained personnel contact details:-

Bobby Brennan 094 9253986 087 6504098
Philomena Croghan 094 9253758 085 1671079
Mike Durkan 087 6471247  
Vik Hamshaw 094 9253661  
Margaret Julian 094 9252431 087 4134998
Noreen Kelly 094 9381550 086 3432415
Michael Regan 087 2416821  
Monica Smith 094 9374869 087 6576282
Gail Smith 094 9374869 083 3019010

Cards with contact details are also available at Midfield Church or at Julians.





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